I was a teacher before the coup in Myanmar. I served as a primary teacher in a little village away from my native town. It is a Basic Education High School. However it is just a high school, senior assistant teachers aren’t enough for high school students. Headmaster asked me to help teaching English as a subject in Grade-11 because he knew I could teach well. But he didn’t care my experience that I was a beginner at controlling students and realizing to them.

Freedom from fear

When I started to teach them, I was all right in teaching. I followed and learned old
teaching methods from my childhood teachers and used well. Without awareness, I disciplined the students, controlled them, restricted them at all times. I thought that it was like a model of my teachers. The students are afraid of me when I was in front of them. They feared and respected me and they were clever and didn’t do the stupid things front of me. Then I felt myself like an influential and dominant teacher and I was proud of becoming changes to the students because of my management.

Unexpectedly, I found that the students were able to breathe freely in my absence. They talked better and they reacted and gave responses openly, they did the discussions very well and they could consult with teachers better. I started to know they didn’t like me and some of them didn’t want me to be there. When they didn’t have any control and any influence, they didn’t felt like a robot and could breathe well and freely and they are comfortable to study more. They hated fear.

In a movie, I watched a man was grooming and training his wild horse by hitting.
His horse was untamed ever. A person who was wise said to him “ Don’t train the horse too much to fear you, it will not easy to make your horse what you says, it’s just important trying to realize about your horse ”. I didn’t notice there was a strategy of controlling from my childhood teachers, then I understood later that “ No matter how can control the students more than knowing about them”. And that is the point why I respect my childhood teachers. At the next academic year, I observed and reasoned about the students very well and I taught them better without restriction. So, I understood that a teacher needs to know not only how to teach well also need to know about his students.

Youths love freedom. Youths want to grow up and stay freely. Youths love lives don’t
have any influence. Do you know not only the youths but also everyone loves freedom?

Don’t Restrict Youths! Just Free and  Let’s ProtectThemselves!

Freedom from fear

Like my students want to grow up freely, today’s youths in Myanmar also have  started a revolution against the illegal junta for freedom. Like my students doesn’t want with restriction,also five youths of Burma had already jumped off a high building not to be arrested under Military, happened in 44 th street in Yangon, Myanmar. They don’t want to bealive with fear. For them, it is better to die than to live under the Military’s restriction.

They choose freedom from fear. Like my students wish to be comfortable, two Burmese boys wished to be alive with Democracy under bullying of security forces.

Youths’ future belongs to freedom, not to fear. Freedom helps them make a better life
freely. Be free from the vicious coup all over the word! May overthrow the military dictator!




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